Curved Penis: What Does It Mean?

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Curved penises are more common than one might think. Most men have a penis that curves slightly when erect; when the curve is more significant, it becomes more of an issue for the man.

Curves that aren’t painful, and are less than around 30 degrees, are quite common and shouldn’t be an issue. There are a lot of reasons why a penis might curve, and for the most part, it doesn’t indicate that there is a problem.

Is It Normal To Have a Curved Penis?

Yes! The normal penis tends to curve slightly to the left or right when it is erect, and this is normal. Some men even have penises that curve up or down. A curve that is less than 30 degrees, and is not painful, should not be a cause for concern.

If the curve is consistent and happens when you get an erection, it is probably just a part of your anatomy. The curve doesn’t always need to be visible either, there are some penises that curve to the left, but when they are flaccid the curve is pointing back to the right. We're all different! And that's okay.

What if It's Significantly Curved?

If your penis is curved 30 degrees or more, you might have Peyronie's disease, a condition that causes scar tissue to form on the penis, making it curved. If you have this curve, you might have pain when the penis is erect or when it is not. There are many cases where this condition is genetic, but it can also occur after an injury to the penis. It also may occur as a result of age.

The good news is that there are surgeries that can help correct the curve, and if your penis is bent a very significant amount, you should see your doctor. Don’t self-diagnose, and don’t assume it’s normal.

Do Curved Penises Make a Difference During Sex?

Curved penises can make a difference during sex, but it doesn’t mean that sex is going to be worse. The biggest difference might be that you need to adjust your technique a bit, and you might need to be a bit more creative with positioning.


Trying new positions is a blessing in disguise, as sexual exploration leads to greater happiness in both partners. You might be able to find positions that make sex more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. If you or your partner are having trouble, try out some new positions. Men with upward curved penises enjoy positions like cowgirl and missionary. If you have a downward curve, try doggy style. Men with side-curved penises enjoy spooning or a “T” position.


Many women (and men!) report that they enjoy different curves! Some men want an upward curve, and some men ask how to get a downward curve. Some men are happy as they are.

When it comes to sex, confidence is a big key. Not just to keep your partner attracted to you, but because you tend to try new things and be more explorative when you’re confident. So, while we can’t really give you a real-life example of how to get a downward curve, we can give you some confidence-boosting tips.

Tips for Men With Penis Curves:

1. Confidence is important, you need to feel good about yourself, and not be ashamed of the way your penis looks. A bit of knowledge on how your penis works and how to use it to please your partner will go a long way.

2. Don’t give up trying. You may need to try a few different positions until you find the right one, but it’s all worth it when you find out what does work!

3. Communication is key! Ask your partner what they like, what you can do, and what they don’t like. They may have some great ideas!

4. To be safe, use a condom, even if you are using another form of birth control.

5. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more you’ll get better at it.

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