Is Keeps Available in Canada?

The digital health space has exploded over the past couple years as patients realize how convenient it is to access healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. Several platforms have also begun offering their own lines of prescription and over the counter medications in addition to their telehealth services to help patients receive the medications they need every month.

Keeps is one such service that offers hair products for men experiencing hair loss.

What is Keeps and do they ship to Canada?

Keeps is a digital health platform that offers several FDA-approved treatments, including finasteride, minoxidil, and ketoconazole, for men experiencing hair loss. Your visit will start out with you selecting your preferred treatment plan. You will then have to complete a short assessment to ensure that your treatment is best suited to your needs. After completing your assessment and signup, a doctor will review your information and can prescribe one of the offered treatments if they believe it will be safe and effective.

If you are approved, a prescription will be written for you, and you will be signed up for a subscription to receive your treatments every 3 months. Unfortunately for us Canadians, Keeps is unable to send treatments outside of the United States. If you live in Canada and are experiencing hair loss, you’re probably now wondering if there are any alternatives to Keeps that will ship to you.

Alternatives to Keeps in Canada

If you are looking to receive the prescription medication finasteride for hair loss in Canada and want to skip an in-person appointment with your doctor, Phoenix may be able to help.

When signing up for Phoenix, you will complete an online questionnaire with questions related to your experience with hair loss and other medical information to ensure that finasteride is right for you. This questionnaire will be reviewed by a licensed Canadian physician within 24 hours and a prescription will be provided if you are suitable for treatment.

Your treatment will then arrive at your door each month with no additional shipping fees. Your privacy is very important to Phoenix, so your medication will only be shipped in discreet packaging and all your information will be kept confidential and secure.


If you live in Canada and would like to access hair loss medication but don’t want to have a potentially embarrassing conversation with your doctor, Phoenix may be right for you. Visit Phoenix Health to get started today.

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