Is Lemonaid Health available in Canada?

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular, especially as people become more hesitant to seek in-person care amidst the ongoing pandemic. There are many new services popping up that allow people to speak with a medical professional over the phone or using video conference technology to receive medical advice or prescription for treatment.

Lemonaid is more than just a clever pun, they are a digital health service that provides virtual care for many different medical conditions. However, if you live in Canada, you will unfortunately not be able to take advantage of this service.

What is Lemonaid and is it available in Canada?

Lemonaid was founded in 2013 and now offers treatment for over 30 different conditions. After signing up, you fill out a questionnaire with information about your medical history. A healthcare professional will then review your assessment to assess eligibility for treatment. Additionally, if you live in certain states, you may be required to do a video or phone call as required by state laws.

If treatment is suitable, you can choose to purchase medication directly from Lemonaid and receive it at your home. Lemonaid has their own line of medications for treatment of many different conditions including acne, reflux, depression and anxiety, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately for us Canadians, Lemonaid is unable to ship treatments to Canada. If you are still considering seeking virtual care for your health conditions, we suggest looking into the different Canadian options available.

Other digital health platforms in Canada

If you are experiencing hair loss or erectile dysfunction and would prefer to be treated virtually, PHOENIX Health may be able to help.

PHOENIX Health caters specifically to Canadian men to ensure that they can seek care for lifestyle conditions that might be uncomfortable to discuss in-person. When you sign up for PHOENIX, you will fill out a brief questionnaire with information about your medical history. A registered Canadian physician will then review this questionnaire within 24 hours and determine whether our medications are right for you. All communication with your assigned physician occurs using our secure messenger, so you don’t have to worry about having to use your web cam or phone.

If you receive a prescription, you will be mailed your treatments with no additional shipping fees each month so you never have to worry about picking up or refilling your medications.


There are plenty of options for receiving prescriptions and medications from the comfort of your home, even if that home is in Canada. Visit PHOENIX Health to get started with your ED or hair loss treatment today.

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