Maple Health Overview

Maple is a Canadian telehealth service that allows patients to connect easily with physicians without having to visit one in-person. If you’re wondering more about how Maple works, we’ve got you covered here.

What is Maple Health

Maple Health was founded in 2015 and has been providing medical care to patients across Canada ever since. Maple allows patients to speak with physicians or nurses online so you can skip the long wait times of in-person care. Maple offers treatment for many different conditions including bladder infections, colds & flus, and skin issues.

How does Maple work

After setting up your account with Maple, you can request care directly through the Maple app. You will first have to describe your symptoms to ensure you are matched with the correct provider. You will then have to wait a couple of minutes to be matched with a physician and have your initial information reviewed. This will help determine whether you can be treated through Maple or not.

Once your visit starts, you will begin interacting with your provider over text. For certain conditions, you may be asked to speak with your provider over the phone or on video. Maple physicians can provide medical advice, diagnose conditions, and write prescriptions as needed.

All information, including prescriptions, doctor’s notes, and diagnoses can be accessed at a later date through the Maple app. Additionally, some providers offer follow ups through Maple so you can continue speaking with the same physician.

How much does Maple cost

If you have employer or insurer coverage, your Maple visit may be covered by an extended health benefits plan. Visits may also be covered by AHCIP or MSP if you are an Alberta or BC resident, respectively.

If neither of the above apply to you, you will be charged for your visit. The costs of Maple visits are outlined below:


Maple offers the following prices for one-time visits depending on the date and time at which you seek care.

$49 per visit Monday–Friday 7am–12am EST

$79 per visit on Weekends and Holidays 7am–12am EST

$99 per visit 12 am–6:59 am EST

Membership Plans

Maple also offers memberships for individuals that will routinely use their service. Maple memberships are billed annually.

$30 per month ($360 per year) for a personal membership – allows up to 30 visits per year

$50 per month ($600) for a family membership – allows up to 50 visits per year

Credit Packages

If you plan on using Maple more than once but not enough to justify a membership, you can also get a discount by purchasing credit packages. These credits will cover the cost of your visit for a discounted rate.

Starter Package: $100 Credit – Pay $95 (5% savings)

Extended Package: $200 Credit – Pay $200 (10% savings)

Year-round Package: $500 Credit – Pay $425 (15% savings)

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