Tia Health Overview

Tia Health is a Canadian digital health platform that provides a variety of services both virtually and over the phone. Using Tia Health, you are able to speak with a variety of healthcare providers virtually or over the phone and receive medical advice and information.

What is Tia Health

Tia Health is a telehealth service run by Well Health, a Canadian health technologies company. Using Tia Health, you can book an appointment with many different types of health providers. You will then have the option to interact via a phone or video call or using a secure messaging system. This allows you to receive medical advice and information without having to face long wait times for in-person care.

What services does Tia Health offer

Tia Health allows you to connect with family doctors and medical specialists as well as other healthcare providers including naturopaths, nurses, dieticians, and physiotherapists. These providers can provide advice for many different conditions like acid reflux, COVID-19 screening, allergies, acne, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

When booking your appointment, you will have the opportunity to choose your provider from a list of Tia providers. If there isn’t a specific specialist that you would like to see, Tia Health offers a virtual walk-in clinic service to provide general care or direct you to a specialist. Note that Tia does not allow on-demand visits – all appointments must be booked in advance.

Tia Health can also be used to acquire test results, requisitions, medical referrals, doctor’s notes, and prescriptions and renewals.

How much does Tia Health Cost

If you have a valid Health Card and live in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta or British Columbia, your virtual visit is free of charge. Otherwise, visits cost $30.

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