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Warning finasteride should not be used by women or children. Women who are or may potentially be pregnant must not use finasteride. They should also not handle crushed or broken tablets of finasteride.

*A physician in our network will evaluate whether finasteride treatment is appropriate for you. If prescribed, we’ll ship it to you in discreet, unmarked packaging each month. Pause or cancel at any time.

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Male pattern baldness happens to the best of us. In fact it is an inherited trait. It affects close to half of men at some point in their life. It increases with age and is due to (DHT), a hormone derived from testosterone.

The key to successful treatment of hair loss is getting the right medication, and of course, starting early. Phoenix offers an affordable, accessible, and approved treatment plan with unlimited follow-ups.

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Finasteride was effective at stopping hair loss in 83% of men compared to 28% for the placebo group¹


Actually grew their hair back by taking Finasteride for 2 years²


Of men experience moderate to extensive hair loss in their lifetime³