Can You Increase Semen Volume?

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Are you concerned about the amount of semen in your ejaculate? Or, are you wondering how to increase the amount of semen when you climax? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Semen is a fluid that is released when a man ejaculates. It contains sperm, which is the reproductive cells that reach the female egg to fertilize it. Fertilization is what ultimately results in the creation of a baby.

Semen volume is the amount of semen that is released when you ejaculate. Many men wonder if they can increase their semen volume, and the answer is not in the way that you may think. There is one way you can increase the volume of ejaculate, however.

What Determines Semen Volume?

You may have noticed that when you ejaculate, it comes out in spurts. The amount that comes out in each spurt is the volume of your ejaculate. The average ejaculation is between 1ml and 5ml, but the amount varies from person to person.

The amount of semen in each ejaculate is dependent on how full your seminal vesicles are. When you don't ejaculate for an extended period, your sperm will multiply, making the seminal vesicles larger. When you ejaculate, the sperm that are in the seminal vesicles are pushed out.

If you don't ejaculate for a period of time, then your seminal vesicles may be larger than normal, which will result in more semen coming out.

How To Increase Semen Volume

There are no FDA-approved treatments for increasing semen production. However, if you want to increase your semen volume, you can try abstaining from ejaculations for a long period. By abstaining from ejaculations, you will give your seminal vesicles more time to accumulate sperm. This will result in a larger ejaculate.

However, if you don't ejaculate for a long time, the sperm that are in the seminal vesicles will eventually die off. This is why most doctors recommend that you ejaculate every few days.

Do larger seminal vesicles mean a larger amount of semen? Not really. The amount of semen in each ejaculate is set from the time of puberty. It is possible that you can make your seminal vesicles larger, but it will not result in a larger amount of semen coming out when you ejaculate.

An Anatomical Lens: How Do We Ejaculate?

Semen is composed of sperm and several other fluids. The seminal vesicles, located in the male pelvis, are responsible for producing around 70% of the volume of semen, while the prostate gland produces around 25%.

The prostate gland and seminal vesicles produce a clear, slightly alkaline fluid that forms a basic medium for carrying sperm out of the body.

This fluid, called seminal plasma, carries the sperm from the male internal reproductive organs (the testicles, epididymis, vas deferens, and prostate) to the urethra, where it is expelled from the body during ejaculation.

There Are No FDA-Approved Methods For Increasing Sperm Count

If you run into information online that claims that there are methods that you can use to increase your sperm count, it is probably not true. You can read about these methods, but they likely won't work. Some of these methods include fenugreek, ashwagandha, lecithin, and other herbal remedies.

Some Things That May Affect Your Sperm Count

Stress: Stress is associated with a lower sperm count. Sperm count tends to decrease in stressful situations since stress can affect your hormones.

Smoking: Smoking can also affect your sperm count. Studies show that when men who smoke stop smoking, they can recover some of their sperm count.

Alcohol: Research shows that excessive alcohol intake can affect semen volume and sperm count.

Medications: Some medications can affect your sperm count, such as blood thinners and steroids. Speak with your doctor before changing your medication.

Dehydration: Dehydration can cause your semen to thicken. It can also affect the colour of your semen.

Diet: Diets that consist of too many animal products and processed foods can decrease sperm count and semen volume. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may improve semen volume and sperm count.

Will Drinking More Water Increase The Amount?

You can't increase the semen volume by drinking lots of water. There is no way to increase the amount of fluid that the seminal vesicles can produce.

The sperm in the seminal vesicles and prostate gland will multiply when you don't ejaculate for a while. The more you don't ejaculate, the more sperm you will have when you finally will. This is why when men masturbate frequently, they will not notice a significant increase in their semen volume.

The only way to increase semen volume is to stop ejaculating for a period, which will allow the sperm in your body to multiply.

Does Semen Volume Affect Fertility?

Yes, the amount of ejaculate does affect how likely you are to impregnate your partner. While semen volume doesn't really affect how fertile you are, it does affect your ability to impregnate your partner. The sperm has to get to the female egg to get fertilized, and the amount of sperm released affects this.

This is because the more sperm you release, the better your chances of impregnating your partner. With more sperm released, there is a better chance of at least one sperm making it to the egg. Therefore, a larger seminal volume does affect a man's fertility, but a smaller one doesn't necessarily mean a man is less fertile.

Why Has My Semen Volume Changed?

There are several reasons why your semen volume has changed. If you have noticed that your semen volume has decreased, this might just result from getting older. Puberty is when your semen volume is highest, and as you get older, it will decrease.

This is because your seminal vesicles and prostate gland will work less hard, which will result in a decrease in ejaculate volume. Your seminal vesicles get smaller, but your prostate gets larger. Therefore, you can still have a normal sperm count but not have the same seminal volume.

You may also notice that your semen volume has changed if you ejaculate more frequently. This is because your seminal vesicles do not work as hard when they are not emptied out. Therefore, if you ejaculate more often, your semen volume will decrease.


There are many things that may affect your semen volume. It is impossible to increase your semen volume, but you can improve your sperm health by changing your lifestyle. Limit your alcohol intake, stop smoking, and keep your stress levels low. Try to eat healthier, and make sure you are drinking enough water as well. If you're worried about the amount of ejaculate, you might increase the volume by ejaculating less often.

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